We use our extensive experience and knowledge to provide cost-effective and high-quality equipment solutions. We offer design and engineering services, new equipment manufacturing, equipment upgrades, refurbished equipment, and procurement services.


  • Complete Drilling Rig Manufacturing
  • Drilling Rig Walking Systems
  • Drilling Rig Ancillary Components and Equipment
  • Well Service Rig Equipment
  • Well Stimulation Equipment
  • Wellsite Surface Equipment
  • Surface Mounted BOP Control Systems
  • Custom Structure Steel Fabrication
  • Custom Oilfield Equipment


Oil Rig Manufacturing Canada


We combine a skilled team of professionals with expertise in project management, quality control, engineering and design with world-class API certified fabrication facilities.


We provide innovative solutions from design to fabrication to produce world-class cost effective oilfield equipment for our customers.


Our products meet design specifications, API certifications, ASME standards, and come standard with 12 month warranties.

oil and gas equipment manufacturing alberta canada


DrillGear specializes in mechanical and structural engineering for oilfield equipment solutions.

Our experienced and highly skilled team of engineers are APEGA certified, industry experts with over 40 years of experience in Oil and Gas. As such, we have the wisdom and experience to sweat the details for you and deliver the best solution for your specific needs.

Our team has worked with large and small businesses, both domestically and internationally.


We provide world class equipment. Our rig packages are designed for safe, reliable operation, and fast rig moves and setup.

We combine Canadian engineering, design, and project management with fabrication capabilities at partner facilities across the globe to deliver the highest standards of quality, exceptional delivery, cost and capacity. We work with you through the life cycle of your project to deliver your project in-scope, on-time, and on-budget.

Our field-tested and proven rig packages are deployed around the world and integrate the most dependable and efficient designs you will find in the market today. Our rig packages are designed for safe, reliable operation, and fast rig moves and setup.

All our work and products are fully guaranteed to meet design specifications, API, ASME and ISO standards.

DrillGear and its partner facilities adhere to the highest professional and manufacturing standards and practices. (API, APEGA, ASME, ISO)

Drilling rig manufacturing


We believe that one size does not fit all. Our experience and commitment to customer service enables us to meet any custom requirements from complete drilling rig packages to stand alone oilfield equipment.

Our team has extensive experience successfully delivering in-house designed equipment as well as client-specified custom projects.



Not in the market for new equipment? We provide complete rig upgrading solutions including engineering and fabrication. Our teams work with you to identify your specific needs and provide designs to optimize rig safety, drilling productivity and energy efficiencies.

We sell refurbished equipment. Please use our Contact Form for specific equipment inquires.

BOP Hoist Manufacturing
oil and gas, mining, agriculture and civil engineering projects Canada


We specialize in equipment and designs for oilfield drilling, but we love to work on projects from all other sectors and fields.

Over the past decade we have managed oil and gas, mining, agriculture and civil engineering projects.